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My Guide to the San Diego Comic-Con, International

Please read the FAQ.
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Blatant Plug for a friends website.

See the Lamest in Gamerwear.
Gamer Concepts

Even though nobody ever actually reads a FAQ, I'd thought I'd make one anyway.

Comic-Con Questions

I need to get in contact with <someone>...

I am not in contact with anyone who's name is listed on my pages, so I can't pass along information or give out addresses I don't have.

Why haven't you posted the pictures from <whatever year the last con was>?

Because I'm a lazy bum. Keep sending me e-wacks to the knees. I usually get some stuff done after each e-wack.

How much will you sell your Elisabeth Filarski trading card for?

I won't sell it. I missed my sister's wedding to get that card, and she would personally fly out from Indiana, kill me, cut me into little pieces and mail those pieces to the far corners of the world. I like living.

Costume Questions

I need a <Whatever's hot> costume. How much will it cost?

I don't make costumes. I just take pictures of people who dress up at the San Diego Comic-con's Masquerade. There are plenty of websites out there with help and info on how to make your own costumes, but I doubt there are too many sites out there selling them, due to copyright/trademark/etc issues.

Common Feedback Questions

Dear Bill Gates/Darva Conger/Super Chicken...

My name is Bryan K. Williams, and these pages are mine, not anyone elses. Just because I have some pictures of Darva and some jokes about Bill Gates, doesn't mean that clicking the e-mail at the bottom of the page will let you contact them. And yes, I have received e-mail addressed to Bill Gates.
Mail me at: cw10@EvilGeniuses.org
Or you can leave me Feedback
But please read the FAQ first.
Bryan K. Williams

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